Wreck'Em Racing

Can you survive the desert? Track generation and oddball powers combine for an explosive top down driving experience. You can race'em or wreck'em, the choice is yours!

Wreck'em Racing is a free to play top down racing game set in the unrelenting desert. Bored of racing the same tracks over and over? Our new track generation system means that you will never have to race the same track twice. Better get those reflexes finely tuned...

Classic Hot Road spitting flames and tearing through the desert race track



Choose from 9 oddball powers and four distinct chassis types to find that killer combo which perfectly compliments your racing style. Race or wreck, both paths can lead to victory. Fancy a car that can absorb more damage and escape underground? Perhaps a car that can leave opponents in the dust and has a nifty shield for those more hair-raising moments? Wait, wait, maybe a car that lures opponents to shoot at a hologram and bounces the damage right back? All this and more is possible in Wreck'em Racing!

Challenges & Missions

Keep yourself entertained with missions and challenges. Missions add an extra layer of fun and challenge to races. Challenges are specific scenarios designed to make you howl with frustration until you feel the sweet sweet nectar that is success.

Customise Your Car

Use the Garage to build a car you like independent of performance. We have 4x4's, sports cars and even a hovercraft for you to get behind the wheel of. Fancy some wheel spikes? Done. Want some armour plating? Sure. Bull bars? O.K.

Exotic Sportscar crashing through cone barrier

  • Procedural generation, never race the same track twice.
  • Oddball powers, from missiles to mole cars.
  • Roadside traps, Wreck'em with a wrecking ball.
  • Missions, 40 missions to test your skill in-race.
  • Challenge mode, 18 individual challenges.
  • Car customisation, choose your look.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there driver, whether you want to race'em or wreck'em you are in for a blast!

Dividing element made of old tires




Dividing element made of old tires


Below are the platforms the game will be available on. Check our social media to find out when the game is launched!

In store icon for the game


Available Free! On Google Play


Available Free! On the App store


Available Free! On the Samsung Hub

Coming Soon...

We have a whole host of exciting features and ideas we plan to implement into the game including...

  • Multiplayer Racing & Arena Modes
  • More Missions
  • More Challenges
  • More Cars & Parts
  • New Track styles

Check out our twitter page for updates and new arrivals in the game. @ludobitgames

Bug's & Crashes

If you experience any problems with the game, we want to know, feel free to contact us here, and we will endeavor to fix your issue and get back to you with help.


4x4 vehicle being hit by multiple missiles


About Ludobit

Ludobit is a brand new startup based in sunny old England. 'Wreck'em Racing' is our very first game, we hope you like it!

A very small team worked on Wreck'em Racing, just three of us in fact. Hopefully Wreck'em Racing will be just the first in a series of game making adventures for Ludobit.

Wreck'em Racing was a 100% transparent project so if you are interested in game development you can find the development blogs and costs at Ludobit.com.


Dividing element made of old tires